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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download/install any special software program or app to participate in the convention?
  • All of the program is being presented via Zoom. If you’re unfamiliar, Zoom is an industry-standard platform for videoconferencing, telecommuting and distance education. You can participate in Zoom meetings and webinars via a web browser interface, and you are not required to have a Zoom account.
  • For the best Zoom experience, however, it is recommended that you do have a Zoom account and download the Zoom app ahead of time. On a mobile device, simply search for Zoom in your device’s app store. On a computer, you can download the desktop app (called a ‘web client’) by going to and clicking on the orange ‘Sign up, it’s free’ button.
  • Because this event is internet-based, a good internet connection is essential. If you participate with your mobile device using your cellular data, you are responsible for any applicable data usage charges from your service provider.
  • Zoom may be blocked in some schools and on some school or district-owned devices. If you are unable to connect with either of those platforms due to firewall restrictions, we recommend connecting from home or elsewhere – or from a personal device.


Are there any rules of etiquette when using Zoom?
  • Yes. To keep from including potentially distracting background noise, please keep your microphone muted; only unmute it when you’re talking.
  • Dress appropriately and be mindful of your surroundings and things that may appear in the background of your video image.
  • Privacy is important, and if you’d rather not share your webcam video for whatever reason, that’s totally fine. Like the mute button, there’s a button to stop (hide) your video.
  • Think before you write or speak. Although you may not see everyone’s faces the entire time during an online meeting, keep in mind that you should show the same respect to the presenters and fellow conference participants that you would at an in-person conference.
  • If you engage in any inappropriate behavior, either visually on your webcam, your language or chat, you may be removed from the conference.

Does Zoom show my name to other participants during the meetings?
  • Yes, however we ask that you please create a virtual name tag for yourself by clicking on the three little dots that appear in the top corner of your video and choosing ‘Rename.’ Use the following renaming convention:
    First name, First letter of last name, – School name
    (Example: Jane D. – Apple Valley HS)

Is there anyone I can contact with questions?